Pierrepont Hicks was founded when a girl from Brooklyn met a guy from Minnesota. Now married, Mac and Katherine McMillan launched Pierrepont Hicks in 2009 out of a desire to make the perfect tie.  After planning their wedding in Scotland and researching bold woolen ties for their groomsmen, they wondered why the American tie brands were mostly silks.  They honeymooned in Croatia along the Adriatic Coast, and learned that the cravat was born there. 

The first collection of ties was well-received online, and it grew into a brand with a small but loyal following. 

Now in its fourth year, Pierrepont Hicks will launch more products each season, including outerwear for both men and women, always remaining focused on accessories for life's travels, adventures and celebrations.

The name was created based upon a very nice corner in Brooklyn Heights, where Katherine grew up. Pierrepont Street and Hicks Street is a leafy quiet intersection with a view of the East River and downtown Manhattan. 

The PH man is an explorer in both city and wood. He’s attentive, assured, discerning. He is tough to read, easy to remember. He prefers dusk to dawn, dunes to the bay, rowing to motors, woodfire to charcoal, trout to tuna, listening to talking. He holds the door, rises for a lady and tips his hat. Pierrepont Hicks was once overheard saying: “The prettiest thing in the world, is a ship at the end of a street.” And he always takes a running leap off the dock. The Pierrepont Hicks man is a modern classic.