Sheepskin Benefits

Sheepskin Benefits

Posted by Pierrepont Hicks on

Besides the coziness and comfort, sheepskin has many benefits and similar to other wools, is actually great for any season. Because of the high level of breathability, It keeps your feet cool during the warmer months and warm in cooler months.  Sheepskin is always comfortable due to the plush wool fibers and texture and it also provides a cushion of air that acts as a temperature insulator and regulator. Some other benefits:

Sheepskin is able to absorb moisture very fast and can release it back into the air seven times faster than synthetic materials.

Sheepskin that is snug against the body activates blood circulation and supports the relaxation of your toes and feet.

Sheepskin is also very gentle on human skin because it contains lanolin, (also known as Wool Wax) that is a natural waterproofing and also used in many cosmetics products. 

Sheepskin can also helps in the healing of skin conditions or rashes.  
Sheepskin is bacteria resistant. 
Depending on how sourced, Sheepskin is also eco-friendly as bi-products from the agricultural/meat industries. Authentic sheepskin is also 100% biodegradable and better for the environment unlike synthetic textiles, which take much more energy to produce and distribute.