Socks- Yes or No?

Socks- Yes or No?

Posted by Pierrepont Hicks on

To wear or not to not wear? Ahh yes, the ever important question that always arises. The rule and/or answer to that question varies according to many people’s opinions along with seasonal changes and culture.

Many have an opinion that you should never wear socks with sneakers, moccasins, sandals or even dress shoes. Of course, when the temperatures drop those strong opinions start to fade away, so for many, the preference to wear or not wear socks simply comes down to temperatures and seasons. 

For others, it is more about hygiene and not wearing socks is unimaginable since socks are the only thing protecting your shoes from the sweat and microscopic monsters that tend to give your shoes and feet a more “unpleasant” odor.

In some countries such as India, wearing socks with sandals is considered the norm with many professional workers and not wearing them is frowned upon.

For the last several years at Pitti Uomo in Italy (one of the more important men’s fashion platforms), the trend amongst these very well-dressed men has been to not wear socks with their moccasins and dress shoes. Of course, what are these dapper men wearing in January?

So what is the answer or the correct rule regarding wearing socks with shoes you ask? There isn’t one because personal style is all about being you, whether that is being creative, bold, inconspicuous, boring or on-trend.

White tube socks with shorts and boat shoes, ok sure!

No socks with brand new leather boots, alright, good luck with that!

No socks with sheepskin lined moccasins, yes please!

You want to rock thick wool socks with those flip-flops at the beach - go for it.......OK, probably not.