What are Crepe Soles?

What are Crepe Soles?

Posted by Pierrepont Hicks on

Crepe is a natural material that’s predominantly made from latex tapped from trees rubber trees. This raw latex is then coagulated and rolled into solid sheets of varying thickness and then cut into soles. 

Crepe soles are increasingly being used by many larger footwear companies due to the many benefits as compared to traditional rubber mass-produced soles.

Crepe is renowned for comfort due to increased protection at the midfoot - as it supports the natural flexing foot movement - whilst the thousands of air bubbles contained within the materials act as a form of shock absorption protecting ligaments and tendons. 

If you take a closer look at the photo up top, you will see how porous the crepe sole is, which helps it to absorb gravel and grit so that on any type of slippery surface, it becomes like sandpaper and provides a hefty amount of traction. These are exactly the type of soles you want if you are looking for grip. 

Crepe rubber is tapped from trees, but this doesn’t damage them at all. A single tree can be harvested for over 40 years without damaging it, producing around 19 pounds of latex rubber every year, so crepe is a sustainable material.

Due to their flexibility and "bounciness", crepe sole shoes are extremely comfortable with fantastic traction and they also support the natural way of walking.

Simply put, standing and wearing these shoes is good medicine for your feet and they also don't track dirt the way traditional rubber soles do.