How Do I Care For Suede Footwear?

Clean suede with a soft brush. DO NOT use/apply any liquid as this will stain/discolor the suede.



How Do I Care For Leather Footwear?

Because of the natural oils in the cowhide leather, it is not necessary to apply a finish before initial use.  To protect the leather and extend the life of your footwear, quality leather conditioners may be used as needed.  Some products may darken the leather.  DO NOT use products containing solvents. 


How Do I Care For Sheepskin?

To care for the sheepskin lining, an occasional vacuuming works well to remove lint.  If there are soiled areas, you can hand wash the sheepskin area with mild soap and water.  Air dry.  Another idea is to use talcum powder sprinkled on the sheepskin dry, and then vacuum for freshening and removing some soil.