Our Story

Well, it's now almost 2021 and time to wake back up.

We're starting out small again with a collection of footwear that are going to be the most comfy pair of footwear you will even own. No breaking in. The journey starts with pure comfort and individually crafted for each customer to last for years.

When Pierrepont Hicks launched in 2009, the plan was pretty simple - design and release products that just felt right, namely -

Better Quality.
Distinctly Different.
Limited Availability.
...and Made in the USA. 

We came on to the scene and initially launched with a small collection of neckties. We weren’t revolutionary, but because we incorporated unique, bold and non-traditional fabrics into the mix.

Still, some people (NY Times, GQ, Esquire, etc) noticed and as they say, we were off to the races….



From there, we moved into collaborating with some other brands (Dwell Magazine, Scalamandré, Faribault Woolen Mills, Red Wing Heritage, Urban Outfitters, Crisloid) and slowly introduced some new categories into the assortment - outerwear, suiting, home goods and footwear.



Our whole vibe was to be classic, but fresh, uniform, but versatile and rugged, yet sophisticated. 

Time passes...add in a couple of kiddos, a doggie, a few moves and plenty of other life events into the mix and there was just not enough time in the day, so Pierrepont Hicks took a little bit of a nap. About a 3-4 year nap actually.



While a lot of things have changed in the last ten years, we are still going to continue down this same path. With each new product our journey is your journey. It is a journey of new discoveries, of new adventures, of failures and triumphs, of what has always been and what will always be, so stay tuned...

Thank you for visiting. Come again.